How often to change the transmission oil?

Time: 2018-12-25

Today I would like to tell you about some matters needingattention on the replacement of gearbox oil.

No matter be new car or secondhand car actually, afterusing period of time, we should do a maintenance, so change all sorts of oilyfluid also is to maintain medium chongzhongzhi.One of the more familiar may bethe replacement of oil, glass water brake oil, antifreeze and so on, which isthe most easily overlooked is the transmission oil.In addition to the fact thatgearbox oil is expensive to change, the most important thing is that mostpeople do not have the awareness to say that I want to change the gearbox oil,and some people even do not know how much time to change the gearbox oil, let'stalk about some knowledge of gearbox oil.

Transmission oil is divided into two kinds according to thetype of transmission, one is manual transmission and automatic transmission twokinds of oil.Usually gearbox oil has three functions. The first one must beheat dissipation.The gears work with each other, which is bound to generate alot of heat, which needs lubricating oil for cooling.The second is lubrication,so that gear combination more smoothly.The third is to clean, keep the transmission system clean, extend the life of the transmission.

Because the threshold of the market after the car is lower,so the car maintenance profit margin is larger, many illegal traders will do upthe counterfeit and shoddy goods this business, so we must be careful whenbuying transmission oil, the use of counterfeit and shoddy transmission oilwill cause a lot of damage to our transmission.

First of all, let's talk about how to distinguish the trueand false transmission oil.In the maintenance of vehicles to replace thetransmission oil, the first we want to put the transmission oil smell first,usually our transmission oil genuine case, it will have a burnt smell, thesecond is to see bubbles, genuine oil in the shaking is not to see bubbles, itcan be said that there are few bubbles.The third is to see the mobility of ourtransmission oil, genuine oil long after hanging on the wall of our bottles.Thefourth is to see the viscosity, the real oil viscosity is very big, stick tothe hand is not easy to remove, and can pull out the silk thread.

So how long does the transmission oil change once in theend, I believe many owners are not sure, in fact, there is no clear definitionof this time, some people think that the transmission oil to be replacedregularly, 20,000 km, 40,000 km or 60,000 km as the boundary point, maintenancemaster is so said.Some people think that it is not necessary to replace thecar, they have been driving for more than five years, driving more than 100,000km without any problems, with experience to prove that frequent replacement isa waste.

First of all, we want to be clear, we change thetransmission oil according to the model, different model requirements arenot the same, many vehicles on the use of the manual clearly marked thetransmission oil to often change, of course, some write lifelong maintenancefree, so according to the actual judgment should not be changed.Under normalcircumstances, automatic transmission oil is generally recommended to replace about 40,000 km once, the owner can judge whetherto replace according to their own actual situation of the car.If the gears arevery smooth and the transmission noise is not changing much, you don't need toreplace them.If the vehicle shift gear, feel an obvious astringency, especiallyafter the speed of driving more than 100 kilometers per hour, the transmissionnoise significantly increased, this time it is necessary to consider whether tochange the transmission oil!And manual transmission oil because itstransmission internal structure is relatively simple, and precision is nothigh, the technology is more mature, manual transmission oil is mainlylubrication, the general home car is three years orabout 100,000 km to replace.

Finally, the car gearbox is one of the three importantparts in our vehicle, and the maintenance cost is relatively high.So the ownerof the car in the car when you do not ignore the maintenance of thetransmission, so the transmission we are not blind to the maintenance, not tosay that we went to 4S shop or repair shop to do maintenance, listen to themaster said your transmission to maintenance, you will go to maintenance.Butaccording to the actual situation of some of the above mentioned xu for a moreorderly maintenance, to have a certain ability to identify their own.

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