How much does it cost to use auto transmission flush machine to change oil?

Time: 2019-01-09
Summary: auto transmission flush machine to change oil is a effictive way

How much does it cost for an automatic transmission to changeoil?

Why do you need to change the oil for car?

Whetherit is a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, all transmission oilshave a certain shelf life. After the car has reached acertain mileage or the maintenance cycle hasarrived, it needs to be replaced immediately. Because the gearbox oilbecomes dirty and the viscosity decreases withthe use of time, the gearbox will not be well protected, resulting in unsmoothshifting, abnormal speed, high noise, etc., which seriously causes the gearboxto prematurely. Damage, greatly shortening thelife of the gearbox.

How to change the automatic transmission oil?

Thedrawbacks of the traditional manual oil change method:

Theoil is not clean, and one third of the oil isthrown in the gearbox, and the sludge impurities cannot be discharged.

Thebenefits of intelligent dynamic oil change:

Afterthe gearbox has been cycled, it filters out sludge impurities and dynamic oilchange ensures a more thorough oil change.

Risk assessment before oil change:

Notall cars are suitable for oil change: for example, old cars with decades of oldcars, cars that have not changed oil more than 300,000kilometers; transmission with water intake;faulty cars (fault detection) ; transmissionwith metal powder.

How much does it cost for an automatic transmission to changeoil?

Generally,the automatic gearbox oil is replaced every 2 years or40,000 kilometers. The relative limit of the manual gearbox oil is relativelysmall. Generally, the gearbox oil is replaced once for 4-6million kilometers. The replacement working hour fee is about 200 RMB, plus the gearbox oil price, The automatic transmission oil replacement needs about 1000 RMB, and the manualtransmission needs 800 RMB(for reference only). There are different transmission oil change cycles fordifferent gearboxes. Since the gearbox design is divided into manual transmissionand automatic transmission, each gearbox has different technical requirements.Even if the same type of gearbox is configured in different models, theoriginal factory has its own designation. Dedicated transmission oil.

Infact, gearbox oil is the gear oil used in the transmission. It can exert powerthrough the oil pressure to the gear, and at the same time it can play the function of lubricating and cleaning thegearbox, which directly affects the handlingperformance of the transmission. The owners know that the transmissionis divided into a manual transmission and an automatic transmission. Thecorresponding transmission oil can be divided into automatic gearbox oil andmanual transmission oil. The automatic transmission oil is specially used forthe oil of the automatic transmission. The manual transmission oil isspecifically designed for use with manual transmission fluids.

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