Before and after cleaning carbon deposits

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Time: 2019-03-12

The harm of carbon deposition to automobile

(1) Structural damage: the various structure in the cylinder that constitute the combustion chamber ate the main parts of carbon deposition, including the piston top, spark plug, the fuel injection nozzle in the cylinder, the intake and exhaust valve and intake pipe of the cylinder inlet. The following picture show the serious occurrence of various parts.



(2) Leading to engine performance degradation:

01.Power drop: the main reasons for power drop cause by severe carbon deposition include spark plug carbon deposition reduces ignition capacity or causes ignition failure, and pressure drop caused by cylinder leakage(valve and piston),etc.Which is more obvious when under heavy load or low speed.

02.Increase of fuel consumption: the decrease of power will be accompanied by a certain degree of fuel consumption. The increase in volume is due to the need for greater throttle opening and corresponding fuel supply to obtain the same power as before the carbon deposition effect. Therefore, if there is an increase in fuel consumption for unknown reasons, the presence of cylinder carbon should be checked.

03.Increase in exhaust pollutant emissions: the increase in exhaust pollutant emission is usually found during the annual inspection of the car. Currently only carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are tested, and all three indicators can rise or exceed the limit when carbon is accumulated, and this change may occur earlier than the decrease in power consumption and the increase in oil consumption.



The benefits of carbon reduction for cars

The vehicle power after cleaning is improved, idling speed is stable, start smoothly, fuel consumption is reduced, exhaust emission is more environment, performance is restored as before.



Comparison between traditional carbon removal machine and intelligent carbon removal cleaning machine

1. Conventional decarburization machine: engine damage, time-consuming, laborious, costly.

2. Intelligent cleaning machine:

01.Seven in one multifunction carbon removal, integrated engine intake system, fuel system, combustion chamber carbon removal, three-way catalytic converter cleaning etc.

02.Ternary cleaning can be applied to two solutions: oily cleaning agent and water-based cleaning machine.

03.HD endoscope and display.

04.The engine is free of dis-assembly and cleaning, saving time and effort.




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