Automatic Transmission Cleaner For Sale Transmission Fluid Rebuild World Standard

Group Transmission Flush Machine
Min. Order 1 set
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Update Time 2019-11-18
Item specifics
Warranty1 Year
Brand NameZeayeto
Product nameAuto transmission flush machine
Advantagesvisual operating system
MaterialStainess steel
pressure meter0~150psi
Applicationcar maintenance

Automatic Transmission Cleaner For Sale  Transmission Fluid Rebuild World Standard


The structure of the ATF machine is very compact and complex. If you use the traditional method, you can only exchange 1/3 of the used oil. Metal scrap, sludge and other impurities remain in the gearbox. When new oil is added, it will cause secondary pollution. The contaminated oil will slow down the gearbox, the gear will vibrate, and then the overheating and fuel consumption will be abnormal. If this phenomenon is ignored, the gearbox will be severely damaged.

The ATF machine can complete the gearbox, hydraulic converter and gearbox radiator in 20 minutes. It can not only completely remove metal scrap, sludge, but also make the oil change rate close to 100%, ensuring that the gearbox is always the same new.

Characteristic details

Product name

Transmission flush machine






Standard and optional connector


Red, Blue





Net Weight


Gross weight



1 year


1. Automatic identification of positive and negative power supply

2. Automatic identification of import and export oil

3. LCD display, user-friendly operation, convenient and practical

4. Electronic scale one-key calibration

5. Clean and change oil in short time

6. Filter design at the oil inlet

Why change transmission oil?

1. After a long driving, the car generates metal impurities due to friction and mixes into the gearbox oil path to accelerate the wear of the gearbox.

2. Transmission oil has its own shelf life, mineral oil is generally 3 years, and the total synthesis is 5 years.

3. High temperature oxidation, viscosity, and anti-oxidation performance decrease, resulting in reduced transmission oil quality and does not meet oil standards.

4. If the gearbox is damaged, the cost of repairing the gearbox is very expensive and the repair cost can be used to maintain the gearbox ten times.

Daily maintenance of the automatic transmission oil changer:

1. The oil changer should be placed indoors, and it is strictly forbidden to be placed in outdoor rainwater, resulting in equipment damage.

2. The machine is equipped with an organic oil filter. It is recommended to replace one for every ten times.

3. Circuit and pipeline inspections should be performed every six months.

4. If gearbox cleaning is performed, it is recommended to use the cleaning agent recommended by the company to avoid damage to each oil valve, rubber seal, etc.