Gas Additive To Clean Auto Car Catalytic Converter Engine Cleaner Carbon Cleaning Decarbonisation

Group Car engine carbon cleaning machine
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2019-11-18
Item specifics
Brand nameZeayeto
Product name7 in 1 multi function cleaning machine
Advantagesvisual OS
DisplayHD LCD display
operating methodendoscope
Warranty1 year
Input VoltageDC12V
UsageGasoline Engine Carbon Emissions Cleaning

Gas Additive To Clean Auto Car Catalytic Converter Engine Cleaner Carbon Cleaning Decarbonisation

Product Information:

TD-501 engine carbon cleaning machine can clean five parts of engines, which are intake valve, fuel system(fuel injector), combustion chamber, Three catalytic converter with water based and oil based, spark plug. But it’s work needs the special cleaning agent for carbon cleaning, so during the process there will be some chemical gases exhaust through the pipe. It needs to clean the engine part separately, which means the engine carbon will be removed much thoroughly. After finishing the carbon cleaning, there is an endoscope can help to check the effectiveness of carbon removal and show that to customers at the meanwhile.


It can clean five parts of the engine like three way catalytic converter, combustion chamber and so on.

Equipped with HD display and endoscope, the cleaning effect is clear

Small and exquisite design with light weight for more convenient operation

After carbon removal ,20% engine power is increased and 70% pollution is reduced

Cleaner than other machines without using the cleaning agent

Prolong the engine’s lifetime after cleaning carbon deposits thoroughly.

Technical Parameters:

Model Number


Product Name

Engine carbon cleaning machine


DC 12V

Rated Power


Working Pressure

0-1.6 Mpa





Package Dimension


Ambient temperature range


Endoscope Pixel

1.3 millions


Wooden case

Working medium

Chemical cleaning agent


Gasoline car engines


Why cleaning carbon?

1. The carbon deposits causes ‘engine trembling, cold start failure, driving weakness, fuel oil consumption increased, exhaust emissions exceeded the standard’ and other failure.

2. The increased carbon deposits in the engine will severely affect the car performance, especially the engine power will decrease about 20% and there will appear the engine jitter while driving at idling speed.

3. Air pollution is one of the most serious problem we need to solve now. However, carbon deposits will make the catalytic converter cannot filter the harmful substance and they will exhaust through the pipe and cause air pollution.

4. Carbon cleaning can help restore the good car performance.

Customer service:

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24 Hours Online Service, solving the problem in time.

Remote Technical Support for car maintenance.

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