HHO Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine Uk To Motor For Sale

Group Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine
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Update Time 2019-12-07
Item specifics
ApplicationCar Decarburization
Electrolyte consumption≤240 g/H
Ambient temperature range5℃~50℃
Gas production2000 L/H±10%

HHO Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine Uk To Motor For Sale 

Features and advantages:

1. Increase the engine power up to 20% by cleaning carbon deposits. So after using our HO-1500 hho carbon cleaner, the car owner will find that the engine start and stop become easier, and the speed can be controlled more smooth.

2. Save fuel consumption by 15%-20%. By cleaning the oxygen sensor, it optimizes the air-fuel ratio to 14.7:1, which is almost the same ratio of a new car.

3.  Extends the service life of TWC. The high temperature steam produced by oxy-hydrogen generator will clean up the parathion mixture and increase the efficiency of TWC.

4. By only connecting with intake pipe, without removing any parts from engine, it won't damage grease sea, gasket or engine, nor will it spoil engine oil (maintenance free, no need to change engine oil).

5. Decrease the exhaust emissions of harmful gases up to 60%.

6. It only takes 20-30 minutes, saving more time.

Technical data:

Model Number


AC Voltage Requirement (V)

380V,three phase

AC Current (A)


Rated Power(KW)


Max. Gas Output(L/h)


Max. Working Pressure (Mpa)


Max. Water Consumption (L/h)


Weight (kg)


Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)


Causes of carbon deposit: 

1. Due to the low quality of engine parts such as spark plug, valve, fuel injector, etc.

2. Driving cars at low speed for a long time like in traffic jam or the vehicle buses.

3. As the poor quality of engine oil, petrol, diesel etc. contain many impurities.

4. Some vehicles like trucks overload goods.

5. The air condition will also influence the carbon deposits increasing.

6. Petrol or diesel cannot combust in the engine completely.

Effects of carbon cleaning :

1. Reduce oil consumption

2. Reduce engine noise

3. Save car repairing cost

4. Prolong engine life

5. Increase 20% of engine power

6. Decrease 70% of air pollution

Quality Assurance:

1. All the production process have a professional person to test the machine and parts.

2. Products of our company all passed CE, FCC and other certificates.

3. Our machine are tested before exportation.