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HHO Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner Engine Cleaning Machine Decarbonizer

Group Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine
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Update Time 2019-12-03
Item specifics
NameHHO Cleaning Machine
Gas Output2000L/H

HHO Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner Engine Cleaning Machine Decarbonizer 


The hydrogen carbon cleaning machine is a machine that utilizes the catalytic characteristics of the hydrogen and oxygen, the combustion-supporting characteristics, the high-temperature characteristics of the hydrogen-oxygen flame, and the characteristics of the hydrogen-oxygen flame-generating water to remove the carbon inside the automobile engine.

Why should do carbon cleaning for cars?

1. There are many reasons for increased carbon deposits: incomplete combustion, poor oil quality, bad driving habit, low speed driving for a long time, poor air quality, etc.

2. The carbon deposits causes ‘engine trembling, cold start failure, driving weakness, fuel oil consumption increased, exhaust emissions exceeded the standard’ and other failure.

3. The increased carbon deposits will heavily effect the vehicle performance, resulting in 90% of engine component failures, fuel consumption increased, excessive exhaust emission, shorten the lifetime of engine and other relative accessories.

Working principle

1. HHO carbon cleaner machine produce hydrogen(H2) and oxygen(O2).

2. H2 and O2 will be sent into engine through vacuum pipe or air intake.

3. H2 will run into the surface of carbon deposits, and combine with carbon to form hydrocarbon.

4. Hydrogen will make combustion with O2, then carbon deposits will be removed.

5. HHO carbon cleaner agent enhance cleaning effect, protecting engine parts and extend the engine lifetime.

Compared with traditional methods


Hho carbon cleaner

Chemicals drip carbon cleaner

Water based foam detachable

Traditional dismantle engine

Carbon cleaning time

20 minutes

40 minutes

40 minutes

About 2 to 4 hours

Environmental protection

Complete combustion, non-toxic and harmless exhaust

Toxic and harmful exhaust

Not easy to handle waste

Carbon particles, not easy to handle waste

Advantages and disadvantages

The engine can be idling

The engine is running at idle speed, and the medicament is continuously inhaled

The implementation process is cumbersome and the carbon is incomplete

Time wasting, destroying the original assembly, cleaning intuitive


Carbon cleaning process

Chemicals drip, engine oil, oil filters

Chemicals foam, engine oil, oil filters

Time of engine dismantling, chemical drip, engine oil, oil filters


1.It Only needs 20 minutes to clean engine carbon.

2.Obvious effects after cleaning the carbon, and satisfied customers 100%.

3.One machine can serve for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

4.A wide scope for vehicles: cars, SUV, Business cars, buses, trucks, etc.

5.It can clean engine parts like intake, injector, DPF, spark plug, etc.

6.Improve cars' performance, increase 20% engine power and decrease 72% pollution.

7.Guarantee 100% safety for using the machine.(Automotive negative pressure alarm device)

8.There do no harm to engines.

9.After cleaning carbon, oil consumption, 70% of air pollution and engine noised can be reduced, and 20% of engine power improved.

10.HD touch screen can make carbon cleaning more convenient.

11.It can clean the DPF,three-way catalyst converter and engine system.


Model Number



AC 380V



Rated Power


Gas Output

2000L/h ±10%

Working Pressure

0.2 Mpa



Ambient temperature range


Package Dimension